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Our global B2B database EasyBusiness, will help you find the right customer leads and marketing lists, whether you use data for telesales, email, digital marketing events or direct mail campaigns. Our dedicated teams on the ground collect data locally, giving us a real understanding of your target markets, as well as helping us satisfy data compliance regulations in each region.

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  • Our EasyBusiness solution
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Our EasyBusiness solution

With many factors to consider when looking for new areas to export, we have made sure that accessing the right data is as easy as possible. EasyBusiness offers a straightforward solution that helps you to create targeted prospect lists in the format you need for telephone, direct mail, email or for a combination of activities.

  • Global leading B2B portal

    What sets us apart and is unique to Kompass is that we have expert data specialists in 70 countries, collecting and verifying data locally – so we can share our valuable local knowledge without you even leaving your office.

  • Access to over 59 million companies

    Create your accurate and reliable Business list database with EasyList. Build your database from a B2B contact database with 59 million of companies in your local market and worldwide. You can refine your searches using 13 different search criteria. These include location (country, region, city…), activity sector, business or decision-making contact (email, phone number…), for build your business telemarketing lists or company size, turnover & company type to refine your Database for marketing.

  • Target your sales & marketing

    You have more than 60 key search criteria to help you source relevant prospects for your sales and marketing activity. You can refine and view your targeted marketing lists, then export the data or upload onto your own CRM system.

  • Mukautetut ilmoitukset

    Hälytysjärjestelmän avulla voit seurata reaaliaikaisia yrityksiä, joita olet kiinnostunut (myynti, johtajat, yhteystiedot ...). Sinut ilmoitetaan automaattisesti hallintapaneelillasi, kun muutos on valmis.

Who can benefit from this service?

  • ’Simply put, I want a comprehensive, yet straightforward global business information database.’


    Marketing Manager

  • ’Access to detailed search criteria is key because I am looking for detail & precision.’


    Sales Manager

  • ’I don’t just need a customer database, but the tools that will help me make the most of it.’


    Marketing & Sales Manager

Key EasyBusiness features

  • Use more than 60 search criteria to target specific markets locally or abroad
  • Access more than 59 million companies globally
  • Suorita yli 13 miljoonan asiointiyhteyden
  • Optional add-on modules
  • Combine search filters to create and refine customised lists
  • Choice of geographical coverage
  • Contact prospects directly by email/phone
  • Locally based customer support

EasyBusiness success stories




- To increase the ROI

- To become more flexible

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Outcome :

EasyBusiness has proven to be a huge time saver, with access to a large amount of data on a single platform, giving us the opportunity to find new prospects and target companies we may not have thought of before!

Valérie de Dieuleveult - Recruitment consultant